Vamsi AS dis – I need a discussion on below 2 topic

I don’t understand this Writing question and need help to study.

1. Write 200 to 300 words describing file-less malware and what unique considerations it brings to application security.

2. After completing the reading this week, we reflect on a few key concepts this week:

  1. Discuss what ethical leadership is and how it impacts the organizational culture.
  2. What are the various dimensions of ethical leadership?
  3. Note some failures in ethical leadership, please find an example, explain the failure and note possible solutions to fix the issue with leadership.

Reading Assignments

Required Reading

Please be sure to answer all the questions above in the initial post. — no more than 200 words, be clear and concise!

First discussion in 300 words or more. Second discussion in 200 words.

APA format and references