UxV design for Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

Each student will be required to identify all of the vehicle / mission requirements specified in the competition rules. The student will define the functions or tasks that their proposed system solution will need to perform to fulfill the competition requirements. You are also required to decompose the proposed system solution into a sub-systems/components that represent the most important or complex regions of the proposed system’s solution space. For example this might be the key tasks the system is supposed to perform. The primary deliverable for this assignment is a report that contains the project items discussed above, and a series of additional sections that contains the specification of sub-systems that are needed to successfully complete two of the competition tasks specified in the Competition rules. Each of these two (2) sub-system (SS) descriptions must be compatible with the overall system solution proposed. Each SS section should clearly define the task or function that the system component is required to perform. It should specify all of the hardware, software/control, and communications components needed to create the SS. General descriptions are required, not detailed designs. Each SS section should contain at least one labeled diagram that represents the sub-system. Each student shall define a set of component level tests that can be performed on each of the sub-systems independently of the rest of the system. The student should clearly describe how the test will be used to evaluate the potential performance of the SS. The student shall also specify a series of system level tests that will evaluate the entire system’s ability to perform the required tasks based on the performance of the student’s SS.