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Hospital Stress Test

I flexed my geographic information system (GIS) muscles to build these maps just for your intellectual discussion. Draw conclusions based on the “objectives” section for all of us to contemplate and answer the questions listed below:

1.Are the hospitals appropriately located in regards to population density?

2.Are the hospitals appropriately located in regards to elevation?

3.What role does the bed-size capability play in times of disaster? Which hospitals are most vulnerable in this respect? Don’t just consider the number of beds of each hospital, but the spatial location, population density, locality of evacuation points, and elevation of the area. To develop a more informed conclusion, do a quick web search for each of the hospitals’ capability and specialty.

4.Are the evacuation points appropriately located?

5.What benefit does a hospital have with a local evacuation point?

Requirements :

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Just answer the questions with backed conclusions 