University of California The Barriers in The Educational Fields Essay

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Step 3: Check back in on Saturday morning. I will have matched you up with a partner (I will send out a partner list as an announcement). Once you see who your partner is, find his or her post, download the rough draft, and make as many helpful comments and suggestions on it as you can. You can use the insert comment function on word, or you can simply write your comments in red.

Step 4: Once you are done commenting, go onto the next page (add a new page to the writer’s essay) and answer the following questions:

  1. Does the author present the issue of educational borders in his or her introduction? Is the attention grabber effective? Is the background information sufficient?
  2. Does the introduction have a clear thesis as its last sentence? Does the thesis answer the questions in the prompt?
  3. Does the writer have at least four body paragraphs developed in PIE structure?
  4. Does the first paragraph focus on his or her education barrier? Does the second body paragraph focus on ways to overcome barriers? Does the third body paragraph focus on the importance of getting an education? Does the fourth body paragraph focus on a solution to a current educational problem?
  5. Does the writer use strong examples from both his or her personal life and the sources we read or viewed? Is there explanation/reflection after each example?
  6. Are all examples from the articles or videos introduced properly according to our Incorporating Quotes in Research Handout? Is the paper formatted in MLA style? Is there a works cited page in the end? (Remember, you can refresh your understanding of MLA here: MLA Formatting.)
  7. Does the writer have a conclusion that restates the thesis and gives a final thought?
  8. What would you say are the paper’s greatest strengths? What did the writer do particularly well?
  9. What should the writer focus on most as he or she revised the paper? What can be most improved?

Requires: the first step is to read through your partner’s essay, and the second step is to answer the questions I posted according to the essay you just read and then offer any other comments you have on how they can improve. My best suggestion is to review the steps given to you in the importance of peer review for what to comment on.