University of Bridgeport Macro Environmental Forces Analytical Review

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I attached file for the chicken parts Article.

The Bloomberg News Chicken Parts article is an example of how an external macroenvironmental force can impact an organization’s profitability. Write a one-page analysis of your thoughts and ideas based on the article. Chicken Parts Article.pdf

Then, write a second page based on how you think macroenvironmental forces can impact new college graduates. Here is what you will be graded on:

  • Select 3 of the 6 macroenviromental forces
  • Identify and provide an example and brief explanation for each of your selections
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Include your name, title of one-pager, date, and page number in the footer of each page

Macroenvironmental Forces

  • Competitive
  • Economic
  • Legal/Regulatory
  • Political
  • Socio-Cultural
  • Technological