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After reading the assigned chapters for Unit 5 (Chapters 14 & 15), you will continue to describe the cybersecurity architecture by addressing the Asset Management and Supply Chain and Policy, Audit, E-Discovery, and Training functional areas and how they will be addressed in your cybersecurity architecture; again, see Chapter 3 and Appendix C of your textbook for more detailed information.

Next, you will develop a detailed, strategic security architecture in which you will address all eleven (11) functional areas of the enterprise cybersecurity architecture that you have been assembling each week. In other words, you will compile the sections of your project into one comprehensive document, editing the functional areas based on instructor feedback and any changes you wish to make. Ensure that the document flows across all functional areas and/or any additional areas you feel are necessary to address. The goal is to develop an enterprise cybersecurity architecture that meets the needs of the business. Use correct APA format for in-text citations including proper grammar and spelling.