UCF Significance of Value Addition and Innovation Converting Waste to Use Essay

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Read: WHY ARE ALL SWEDISH COTTAGES PAINTED RED? (Links to an external site.)

The article above by Clarissa Wei (Smithsonian Magazine, Sept. 25, 2020) includes a particular aspect that ties directly back to a point made in the class lectures in Unit 5. Read the article and identify that aspect, and then use it as the basis for this extra credit assignment.

Write and submit an essay that describes and explains the relevant concept from several perspectives: a) the impact it has on how we conduct our engineering analysis on every project effort, and b) the longer-term impact this collectively has on the role engineers play in adding value to the organizations within which we work.

To earn credit with this assignment, the submitted essay must be well-written, original, cleanly presented, and completely address the required theme. It should be engagingly written at a serious senior undergraduate academic level.

The quality of your essay matters much more than its quantitative length, but — as a general guide — the most successful submissions to assignments like this in the past have ranged from about 500 up to about 1,500 words.