Types of Technology Plan Outline

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For the final project, students will write a comprehensive technology plan for improving and enhancing technology at their organizations. The plan should be written from the standpoint as either the Executive Director/IT Manager from the organization or as an IT consultant the organization has hired. The final plan should include short-term and long-term goals (3-5 years). Use the class textbooks, Internet resources, and website references that are provided on Canvas.

For this week, you will be writing a Technology Plan Outline you will be using for your final project.


The first major component of the Technology Plan is the technology assessment. The Technology Assessment should include:

What do you already have? Present this however you feel best. If you want to use a chart, this is fine. Just be sure to introduce it clearly so anyone reading your document will understand the point. Don’t forget things like copiers, faxes, phones, etc.

What are the problems/issues with what you already have?

There is no page limit for this section of the Plan – just be sure to clearly and completely answer the two questions above.

Goals and Objectives

The second major component of the Technology Plan is the goals and objectives for your organizations’ plan. Remember that you are planning not just for 1 year but for at least 5 years down the road. Therefore, some of your goals and objectives may have a timeline that includes long-range timelines.

Goals and Objectives should include:

What do you want? What do you need? What do you hope to accomplish?
Choose a few priorities to work on. Each priority (goal) should include at least 2 objectives. Include a timeline for accomplishing these goals and objectives.

There is no page limit for this assignment – just be sure to clearly and completely layout your goals and objectives and the timeline for completion.

In order to receive all points for the Assessment, Goals, and Objectives section of your final paper you must incorporate the feedback given to you from your instructor.

Sample Technology Plan Outline-1.pdf