two questions: Sexist Ads &Types of Abuse

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Rank order the ads in the article from worst or most sexist to least sexist and Why. It’s possible for you determine that some ads may not appear sexist to you at all. (That’s O.K.) It an ad is not deemed sexist to you type (N/A).

For example:

1. Worst (Most Sexist Ad) Name ad here







8 Least Sexist Ad: Name ad here

2.Types of Abuse

After accessing the link below, discuss the type of abuse(s) that you knew the least about and why? How and why should everyone be educated about this topic? You should post an original response and post two responses to two different classmates. Your posts have to be more than a few word responses such as, “I agree” or “That’s a good point” in order to receive credit.

See link below:

types of abuse