transformational leadership,Leadership at the tertiary level has taken on an important role in the expansion of quality in higher education into the new landscape of twenty-first century.

use the provided 7 articles and figure out the gap. for example: first article focus on how transformational leadership affect on innovation second focus on performance at the end write the gap of all the 7 articles .. example : other researchers doesn’t focus on privates sector, European country, transformational leadership has biggest impact on motivation but they didn’t mention it.,

The word “to transform” as a term means to change the appearance or character of something completely or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved (Cambridge Dictionary, 2015). Transformational leaders transform the personal values of followers to support the vision and goals of the organization by fostering an environment where relationships can be formed and by establishing a climate of trust in which visions can be shared (Stone, Russell, & Patterson, 2004). Transformational leaders focus on restructuring the school by improving school conditions (Stewart, 2006). Leaders following transformational leading styles and techniques work to transform followers, creating a climate in organizations where commonly accepted and recognized values are equally shared. As a result of such an effect on followers, transformational leadership has rapidly become the approach of choice for much of the research and application of leadership theory. In many ways, transformational leadership has captured the imagination of scholars, of noted practitioners, and of students of leadership (Bass & Riggio, 2006).