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The Christian concept of the imago dei is that is the scripture that explains “what is most important about human persons is their likeness to God.”(Ross, 2013) In Genesis there is detail on the distinction between man and the rest of creation. Man is not of and kinds and is directly made from the likeness of God the creator. The creation of woman was also told in a way that stressed her differentiation from every animal or creature that had been created. Adam did not see any other creation or creature fit “to sustain and cultivate”(Ross, 2013) what God had made with him. Though man sin against God there were still laws that we are to abide in our imago dei we are not to kill, husbands are to love their wives as Christ love the church, we are to comfort one another, discipline our children and be just. This concept and belief are important for all healthcare workers to keep in the forefront of their minds not only for themselves but as a reminder to their patients. Healthcare workers should act as though they know they are made in the likeness of God. This means they should care for what God has created. People are not to be treated as beasts or creatures of the earth but as of the creator of the highest being. It is relevant that each patient feels nothing short of respect and dignity in the care of all providers.