this is an essay describing why i was suspended from my college, it is what attaching to application to new colleges

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On 12/23/2019 I was suspended from my educational institution. This was due to a job I had working as a technology assistant in the library of my university. In November of that semester, I had fallen ill and was hospitalized. Since I was medically impaired, I could no longer go to work. However, I did not inform my boss of these issues and continued to clock in for work. When my boss discovered this, I was charged with false information and was suspended from my university spring semester of 2020. It was a reckless decision to betray an institution that had given me so much opportunity, a home, and friendship, and consequences I faced after this decision happened because I was cowardly. I was unable to admit to my employer that I was not able to work, which I now know was irresponsible because money will never just be handed to me and I need to earn it honestly. During my suspension I’ve had time to reflect on my actions and realize that I needed to make changes in order to receive my degree and follow my dreams. I have done my best to use my time wisely so I can learn and grow and make the best of the situation. I have gotten a job as a waitress where I have learned responsibility and accountability. The high demand of the restaurant atmosphere has taught me an unforgettable work ethic, since my salary entirely depends on my performance and I only make tips. Also, working in a restaurant has taught me how to be apart of a team and I understand the importance of the role I have to contribute to make a business work as a well oiled machine. Not only have I learned accountability from my coworkers, I have also learned fidelity to each customer that I serve, catering to their specific needs and making sure they have the best experience I can give them. I hope to use these customer service skills in the future when I practice dentistry someday. While waitressing, I enrolled in classes at my local community college. While balancing a physically demanding job on top of school work, I have also learned tremendous time management skills. Going to school in the morning, working the dinner shift at the restaurant, coming home until late at night, and studying for my classes most of the weekend has forced me to become more well rounded. I have also learned the importance of honesty in a work setting and how telling the truth and being upfront with authorities figures can build a stronger, long term relationship of trust which is far more beneficial for my future. My semester of suspension allotted me a lot of time to reflect on my actions. a serve as a major wake up call that I am accountable for my actions. I feel that it has truly prepared me to go into the work force someday since I learned the ultimate lesson of the importance of responsibility.

I believe that this mistake had to be made in order for me to reflect on myself and make a change, and start a new chapter of my life carrying this lesson with me and being wiser when making decisions.