This is a writing assignment for Anthropology

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Formatting and basic requirements:

• The top of the first page must include your name, EMPLID number, the word count, and the essay question. • Essays to be submitted via Google Classroom – Word documents / Google Docs (please do not upload PDFs).

• Word count: 500 words.

• Most importantly, the essay needs to fully (not selectively) answer the chosen essay question – and the essay question must be written at the top of the essay.

• Formatting: Arial 12-point font, single-spaced with a 1-inch margin; pages should be numbered.

• You must properly cite all course readings and any additional literature or media (e.g. documentary videos, etc.) using in-text citations (name, year of publication and page numbers).

For example: “Harwood 2014: 17”, or “Harwood 2014, page 17”. You do not need to cite specific chapters.

• All cited literature and other materials must be included in a reference list (bibliography / “works cited” list) at the end of the essay. Full citation information for each of the required course readings has been provided in the course syllabus (“Class and reading schedule”) in order to make this job easier for you. However, you do not need to cite specific chapters (unless the chapter is from an “edited volume” to which different authors have contributed different chapters)


1. What was Franz Boas’s anthropological approach, and how did it differ from that of evolutionary anthropologists?

  • Primarily:
  • o Kenny and Smillie (2017) Chapter 2.

    o Class discussions and PowerPoint slides for Lessons 2 and 3.

    o Boas, Franz (1920). The methods of ethnology.

  • Additionally:
  • o Radio documentary (recommended): From Savage to Self (Farrah Jarral, BBC Radio 4.

    Omnibus edition, Part 1, first broadcast: 11th March 2017. Duration: 57 minutes). Mp3 on

    Google Classroom.

    o TV documentary: Franz Boas: The Shackles of Tradition (Strangers Abroad, episode 2,

    Central Television, UK, 1985. Duration: 53 minutes). Available at: