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Exam Writing Assignment: Colonial Economics

Compare and contrast the three different colonial regions using the information you gathered completing the chart below. Answer the questions for each of the three colonial regions. As you research and analyze the plan consider this: How did the economic development of the colonies differentiate them? How did their economic growth affect their relationship with England? Based on their early economic development what type of potential growth projections will they have? Are they limited by their agriculture and industry? Which region is poised to be the most agriculturally successful and the most industrially successful? A historical essay contains an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, body of paragraphs and a conclusion. You must argue a specific viewpoint while discussing each of the colonial regions. Your opinion will not be graded, however how you argue your point using historical facts will be.

Colonial Economics Comparison Chart

Questions to consider for comparison and contrast.


New England

Mid Atlantic



Who settled in these regions? Where are they from and what religion do they practice?

What type of agriculture do they practice and are they successful? What other natural resources do they have and how do they use them?

What type of industries do they develop? Are they economically feasible? Which countries do they trade with and do they have a fair balance of trade?

Which set of colonies are more economically sound? What barriers to future economic growth and success do they have? Can they expand their economies or are they limited? What hinders their development? Who is their labor force? Does the labor force have the potential to continue its education and expand their industries?

What legislation if any was passed to bring about reconstruction or change?


The following resources are available for you to use. You will also need to use additional resources from your own research.

Acceptable Length:
2-3 pages minimum

Formatting Requirements:

  • Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title at the top of the document.
  • Use one-inch margins.
  • Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • Use double line spacing in the document.

To Get a Top Score, Your Paper Should:

  • Cover the required elements mentioned above
  • Show evidence of careful consideration and planning
  • Properly use and cite source material using MLA style of documentation
  • Be grammatically correct