This is a business Memorandum about how COVID-19 has affected the business world

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” The Checklist for Writing (Fall 2020) below is helpful in completing and checking the assignment and will provide you with a point of reference as to my expectations. This is the same document I will use to grade the assignment. After you have completed the Checklist for Writing (Fall 2020) posted below to check the quality and accuracy of your own work, upload your fully completed memo DRAFT”

This is a business memorandum that must be 750-1000 words NOT including the introduction and conclusion paragraph. It must be on how COVID-19 has affected the business world, and must have 10 sources cited in APA format. A work cited page is NOT required but the memorandum must have footnotes in proper APA format. The file that is attached goes into deep detail as to what is required for this assigmnent