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I’m studying for my Computer Science class and need an explanation.

As we continue with our blog page, add this week 4 post to your existing blog page with this week’s topic.

Instruction for Week 4

1st – After reading about the management framework for IT sourcing (Chapter 8 in the IT Strategy textbook) on IT decision-making, explain in your own words the 4-decision making criteria. Add a summary with your overall thoughts on the criterions of decision-making.

Keep in mind that your audience knows nothing about decision criterion. Keep your writing simple, clear, and precise.

2nd – share the link to your week 4 blog in this discussion platform (double check to ensure the link will open accordingly).

3rd – visit 2 or more of your classmate’s blog page and give them a rating and add comments.

4th –Apply APA citations in your paragraphs and references at the bottom of your blog post.