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1. 250 words Tiananmen Square, Federal troops in Seattle during protest demonstrations, The Bundy standoff of 2014, and Mount Rushmore – In your lesson, you watched several videos describing Tiananmen Square, the dispute about federal troops opening fire on US cities, a comparison of Fox news commentary about the use of federal forces against citizens from 2014 and now in 2020: (Bundy standoff information: and the perspective of Simon Moya-Smith of the Lakota Sioux Nation about Mount Rushmore. In these examples, you see many different perspectives on federal use of force, modern occupation of sovereign lands and of suppression of actual historical events from the public.

  1. Can you think of OTHER historical events of our US history that are not common knowledge, hidden from the public and may only learned about in college?
  2. Reflect on these different examples of government sanctioned violence against its own people, civilian loss of life and land, and suppression of history. In what ways are events like this repeating? How do you know this?
  3. In what ways could we as a society change our perspectives for a better future?

2. 250 words Two Systems of Justice: “I Have A Dream”- March on Washington – read/review the 4 sources below:

Answer the questions below (be sure to tell us your own bias, acknowledge it, and include it in your statements.)

Fifty-seven years ago in 1963, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr laid out his vision for harmony between the Black and White people of the United States and the 1st March on Washington. Just a few weeks ago (August 28th, 2020) in Washington DC, Dr. King’s son, Martin Luther King III said, “We must never forget the American nightmare of racist violence exemplified when Emmett Till was murdered on this day in 1955, and the criminal justice system failed to convict his killers. …Sixty-five years later (after Till’s murder), we still struggle for justice — demilitarizing the police, dismantling mass incarceration, and declaring as determinately as we can that Black lives matter.”

  1. After the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and thousands of others per year at the hands of police, are there any similar perspectives now in 2020 as there were in 1963?
  2. In what ways are parts of Dr. King’s dream coming true?
  3. In what ways are parts of his dream being denied?
  4. Tell us where your beliefs come from about these issues and how do you know they are accurate?
  5. From what perspective do you see these events? (What is your lens?)
  6. Did you learn from …Authorities? …Written references? …Factual evidence? …Personal experience? (Refer to page 205 to further remind yourself of these forms of evaluating evidence.)