Theories of Crime- Powerpoint slide- student created lecture

I’m working on a Law question and need guidance to help me study.

Create one powerpoint slide about

Positivism, determinism & social ecology

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Also, I need a brief statement explaining what Positivism, determinism & social ecology is so i can speak for about 3 minutes over the slide and explain what is in the slide.

Theory overview and development

In this lesson, we will begin reading our text which focuses on the scientific method and the development of theory. For each chapter of the text, we will collaboratively create a lecture to be shared with the entire class. What I am expecting you to do is to read the entire chapter, and then spend some additional time on your assigned section/topic. You may need to conduct your own outside research if you require more detail or examples. Then, create a slide, upload it IN ORDER, narrate, and post. By the end of the week, we should have a detailed, student-created lecture.