The work force supply analysis for Stonewall Manufacturing

This is an assignment that focuses on the work force supply analysis for Stonewall Manufacturing. The paper also discusses the positions in regards to shortage of employees.

The work force supply analysis for Stonewall Manufacturing

You are an HR Director at Stonewall Manufacturing, a rapid prototype development company, headquartered in Norwalk, MA, with operations across the US. The following results were recently compiled by your HR Business Partner and based on a supply analysis of managerial positions/roles. Based on this analysis, you need to prepare are cap to Stonewall’s CEO that summarizes what roles the company should be investing. As well as which ones are likely to require fewer employees in the future.

Specifically, your assessment should:

Identify two roles where you feel Stonewall will have a shortage of employees that could most significantly impact its future business strategy. For each of the two roles, address the following:

Employee Development: In order to develop existing Stonewall employees into these roles, what are the top tasks, knowledge, and skills needed for each role.

Retention Focus Areas:

Knowing that we want to focus on retaining employees in these positions, what are important work values that Stonewall should consider from a retention perspective

Alternative Sourcing:

As Stonewall searches for candidates to fill these roles in the future, what related occupations or roles could we consider for recruiting. Identify one role where you feel we will have a contraction in our future need.

The work force supply analysis for Stonewall Manufacturing

A few factors to consider:

A “span of control”identifies the average number of direct reports someone in that role has. For planning purposes,the company has assessed that 6 direct reports is ideal for managers. If an employee has a higher number than that, then they spread too thin and are less likely to be an effective manager of a team. Inversely, if that number is below the average, then they have some band width to manage more individuals. To complete your assessment, you will need to assess and understand the external market for these roles. You can use O * for this level of analysis.

This site will provide useful information: Projected growth : identifies the rate of growth of this role in the US over the next 5 to 10 years. Knowing this will be able to assess how the company’s current need differs from that of the market.

Skill set: identifies and prioritizes key competencies required for the job

Work values: identifies and prioritizes those factors that are important for individuals who perform this role of Related positions

Assignment requirements:

Lastly, submit your assessment as a written memo to the CEO. The memo should be a maximum of 4 pages,plus an additional page for reference citations, as needed. Answer your questions using the quantitative data

(both supplied as well as from O*, and outlining the logic of your assessment ( i.e.,why your commended what recommended).