The Uranium Frenzy and Its Consequences based on book

This is an assignment that discusses the Uranium Frenzy and Its Consequences based on book. The paper is an analytical paper written as an argumentative essay.

The Uranium Frenzy and Its Consequences based on book.

Uranium Frenzy & Its Consequences
Utilizing only Raye C. Ringholz’s Uranium Frenzy: Saga of the Nuclear West, write a 2-3 page, single-space paper, analyzing the following question:

The book Uranium Frenzy details the halcyon days of uranium mining and caution-be-damn testing of nuclear weapons in Nevada that negatively impacted Utahans.

Write an analytical paper detailing four individuals who were negative affect by the uranium boom and testing in Utah. Who or what entity was responsible for the harm that befell these people? Did they seek or find justice for their injuries? Notes on Developing Your Argument and Crafting Your Essay:

1. Firstly, this is an analytical paper and should be written as an argumentative essay. As such please make sure to develop a thesis (what you will argue) and also place it in the introductory paragraph. Also, every argument you make should have specific examples from the book to make your point more persuasive; these would include specific people, laws, court cases, groups of people, towns, etc. that were impacted by the uranium frenzy.

2. Secondly, please note that this should not be a “book review” that recounts the narrative in the book. However, if you have any questions please contact me. I can also look over an outline or rough drafts to make sure you are on the right track. Style and Format: 1. Paper should be 2-3 pages 2. Paper should be single-space

3. Thirdly, do not use outside sources of any type; all examples should come from the book Uranium Frenzy

4. Fourthly, keep direct quotations from the book to a minimum. If quoting please quote in this manner: “The boom only lasted for two years, and was a wild ride.” (Ringholz, 220) [this is not a real quote from the book, just for example]

5. Lastly, please keep personal examples to a minimum