The understanding and ability to apply ideas in core module

This is a paper that focuses on the understanding and ability to apply ideas in core module. The paper also provides further instructions to use in writing the assignment paper.

The understanding and ability to apply ideas in core module

Overview: This assignment requires you to analyse a specified article and then answer a series of questions to demonstrate you can apply the key concepts taught in the CORE Module.
The focus of this assignment is to assess your understanding and ability to apply ideas presented in the core module of this unit. To be successful, you will need to complete all the required readings from both the text
book and from the additional readings on argument and critical thinking that can be found on the Reading List (available via a link on the Blackboard site) for this unit. You need to show that you have applied your learning from the unit material to the task.


Step 1: Firstly, choose ONE of the following peer reviewed journal articles, access the article from the library.
The articles selected for analysis are taken from peer-reviewed journals which present academic research to the research community. To complete this assignment, you are not to be an expert on the topic or
research the subject matter discussed in the article. To ensure fairness to all students, no marks will be awarded for additional research on the subject matter of the article. You MUST draw upon the readings from this unit, including the textbook and also electronically available readings.

Step 2: Secondly, read the article you have chosen from the list above and answer ALL five questions below. In answering these questions you must demonstrate your learning about literature, research, publication and
research design by applying the concepts presented in the CORE teaching material. The text for these five questions should not exceed 2000 words and you must demonstrate your use of sound and valid reasoning in responding to these questions. In other words your purpose should be clear, and your conclusions/positions on a question need to be supported by reasons/premises.

1. Firstly, state the research questions being addressed in the study? Pay attention to whether a main ‘umbrella’ question is supported by sub-questions.
2. Secondly, how is literature to express the importance of the research questions?
3. Thirdly, what attributes make the study suitable for publication in the chosen journal?
4. Fourthly, identify, with examples, the main argument techniques used in the article to reach the author’s conclusion. Have any fallacious techniques or forms of rhetoric to use?
5. Lastly, evaluate the type of research design used by the author, outlining its strength, limitations and suitability for the purpose of the study. Suggest changes to study design or reasoning to improve the study.