The trend in Mexico key’s economic indicator assignment

This is a paper that focuses on the trend in Mexico key’s economic indicator assignment. The paper also requires a search in basic microeconomics data on Mexico.

The trend in Mexico key’s economic indicator assignment

Assignment FAQs
1. Question a) wants us to document the trend in Mexico key’s economic indicator, which means we should find the data and graph it? Or just writing how it changed over time is enough? And should the data we extract has to be on a yearly basis, monthly basis or more frequent?
– Yes, please provide a graph and discuss it. I think the quarterly frequency will be fine for this purpose, provided that you can find quarterly BoP data. To ensure consistency, make sure you aggregate data of higher frequency .(e.g., daily or monthly) to the quarterly level by taking the average of the data within a certain quarter.

2. Also, i could not find the detailed BOP version of Mexico in 94-95 on the IMF, hence is it okay if I find those on another database? In the case of not using the IMF database, would it affected my final result?
– This is a good point. Thanks for raising it. No it will not affect your result, but make sure you reference the data source in your assignment.

3. How do I search for basic macroeconomic data on Mexico in IMF website, or the international financial statistics is a book. I have been browsing the IMF website, and it is too many information I have lost my direction.
– You can also search on other sources as well, it does not have to be IMF website (it is just recommended).

4. In terms of the Homework Task is there a grading criteria? As this will help me determine how much to write for each question since each question is 15-25 marks and there is a word limit of 2000.
– Additionally, there is a grading criteria in the unit guide for your reference. A rough estimate for a 15 mark question is 300 words, but I will be OK if you exceed the word limit by say 500 words (i.e., within reason).