The transformation of the natural environment of your hometown

This is a paper that focuses on the transformation of the natural environment of your hometown. The paper also provides questions to consider in writing the assignment paper.

The transformation of the natural environment of your hometown

You will write a paper describing the transformation of the natural environment of your hometown and one of the major sustainability challenges faced by the people who lived there.  You will also integrate your family’s story into this narrative as much as appropriate.  This project will cover the chronological development of your town region from its earliest habitation by people up to today and allow you to focus on a key challenge that they faced as they interacted and utilized the resources of the natural world about them.

The transformation of the natural environment of your hometown

General Questions to Consider:

General questions to start – think about these questions as you are trying to define a specific thesis you want to write about. However, you will not address all of these questions in your paper:

Firstly, what was your hometown area like when people started living there?   What native peoples (tribal name) lived there?  Also, how did they survive, how did they regard the natural world, what did they eat, what kind of shelters did they build, what did they trade, what natural resources were available to them, how did they modify the environment?

Secondly, what happened when Euro-Americans came to the region?  Think about the natural environments in which they lived.  Think about the changes in the animal. (mammal, fish, bird) and plant life populations they promoted, or that occurred as they arrived.  Were wetlands drained for agriculture, rivers dammed or rerouted (give specific names of rivers and creeks), etc.?  What natural resources sustained them?  Also, describe how they created spaces in which to live.  What did they find of value in the region and how did they impact Native peoples?  Lastly, why did they settle where they did, and were there ethnic and gender differences in the choices they made?

These approaches accelerated changes from the mid-19th century to today.
Commodification strategies and mono-culturing organization have profoundly shaped the American landscape.  People altered their strategies about how to maintain themselves as they became more and more a part of a consumer commercial society.  Focus on these processes as they apply to your specific paper thesis.  How did these changes accelerate in the 20th and 21st centuries and also how did this effect the environment of your home town?

Bring your own family into your consideration as much as you can as appropriate.