The top 2 JavaScript Frameworks,The primary objective of this study is to explore and describe what JavaScript is and establish the evolution of JavaScript frameworks. The study also aims to establish the meaning of JavaScript and its development in the c

I already have a sections on the evolution of JavaScript and the evolution of JavaScript Frameworks from another order. I need to write on the top 2 JavaScript Frameworks with proof on Angular and React being the top 2. These sections will follow the sections in the attached document.

Evolution of JavaScript

Websites perform a variety of functions.  Building websites and web-based applications are like constructing a house
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. One starts from scratch from building without schematics. Making a house involves purchasing building materials such as bricks, wood, iron sheets among others. These materials are assembled and worked on depending on a plan or a blueprint. Coding works the same way. It involves gathering every aspect of a site from scratch. Brendan Eich developed JavaScript as a client scripting language in 1995 at Netscape. She developed JavaScript with an intention to appeal to non-professional programmers and web authors. Microsoft adopted JavaScript for Internet Explorer, its browser in 1996
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. Oracle currently owns JavaScript, and it is the official trademark of the company. Most software has adopted JavaScript language, and the situation has often called for the need for standardization. A standardized version of JavaScript is known as ECMAScript, and the version which Microsoft implemented is referred to as JScript. However, the different dialects which exist in JavaScript language are as a result of brand matters.