The tools and techniques usage in TQM practices demonstration

This is a paper that is focusing on the tools and techniques usage in TQM practices demonstration. The paper also provides further instructions to use inn writing the paper assignment.

The tools and techniques usage in TQM practices demonstration

1.     Firstly, demonstrate specialized knowledge of the various tools and techniques used in TQM practices.
(10 Marks)
The student will be able to

1.1  Choose an appropriate company for the research study and also provide TQM profile of the choice of the company (2 marks)

1.2 Identify several key process-focused practices for quality management. (4 marks)

1.3 Apply some of the key process improvement tools associated with the following business activities for a typical company: sales and marketing, supply chain management, managing information technology, and managing human resources. (4 marks)

2.Secondly, critically evaluate organizational structures and complex business issues for implementation of effective total quality management systems.
(6 Marks)
2.1 Critically evaluate the key issues addressed in each of the seven categories of the Criteria for Performance Excellence of the choice of your company (3 marks)
2.2 Additionally,  apply the logic of the Baldrige Criteria frame-work and why each element are important in your chosen organization. (3 marks)

The tools and techniques usage in TQM practices demonstration

3. Thirdly, recognize importance of TQM as a catalyst for high level governance of processes and organizational excellence.
(6 Marks)
3.1  List and also explain the key competencies and personal characteristics that strong leaders possess in the choice of your organization. (2 marks)

3.2 Summarize the key leadership practices for performance excellence of the choice your organization (2 marks)
3.3 List the important principles for successfully implementing performance excellence approaches in the choice of your organization (2 marks)

4. Fourthly, initiate and manage professional activities that measure organizational performance indicators and cost of poor quality products.
(8 Marks)
4.1 Address the lessons learned from the choice of your organization about changing an organization’s quality design (2 marks)

4.2 Also, identify the common barriers to change the organization’s quality performance (2 Marks)

4.3 Offer valid recommendations to customize performance excellence approaches to the choice of your organization (4 Marks)