The term representation as it applies to games essay

This is a paper that is focusing on the term representation as it applies to games essay. The paper also provides additional instructions to focus on in writing the paper assignment.

The term representation as it applies to games essay

Write an essay addressing the term “representation” as it applies to games. You are welcome to use whatever sources available, especially readings presented in this course. Knowing how to use a source effectively is crucial, and this means two things: knowing how to extract and interpret information, and just as importantly, knowing how to incorporate that information in your essay in such a way that you persuasively support an argument.

The term “representation” is not precise. It can have multiple connotations, and they all apply to the material culture and performance of games. You are not required to address all connotations, just one or two. The important thing is to explain what you mean by “representation” in your essay. Be specific.

Use Examples: It is essential that you concretize your ideas by presenting one or more examples. Writers often find specificity a challenge, so the effective exploration of an example is an effective way to develop an essay and make the assertion convincing. In art and architecture history, ideas involve and relate to physical objects and human interactions with those objects. Writing therefore should also involve tangible examples, and since this is a brief essay, limiting your examples to two or three is good practice.

Requirements for the Essay: The essay on representation should be at least 1500 words in length. Structure your essay in a clear way, and support your assertion in the body of your text.
Be specific when necessary; be detailed. Above all, write a smart, interesting and well-crafted essay. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are important considerations in grading the essay. It is also crucial that you cite sources, as well as apply appropriate use of quotation marks, notes and bibliography.