The stages and process of achieving ISO 9001 by a company

This is a paper that is focusing on the stages and process of achieving ISO 9001. The paper also provides the structure and guidelines to follow in writing the assignment paper.

The stages and process of achieving ISO 9001 by a company

Learning outcome 2 Explain the stages to be met in the process of achieving ISO 9001.
For this assignment you will carry out a case study and prepare a report on your findings as described below.

ISO 9001 Case study – Bronze Age plc
Bronze Age plc is a new company formed as a result of a management buyout of a traditional manufacturing company employing some 200 people. The company manufactures fittings for the engineering, automotive, and petrochemical industries.
The company is split into three manufacturing departments – CNC machining, Heat Treatment, and Plating – plus an administration department. The CNC department comprises 40 machines which tend to allocated to specific customers. Both the Heat
Treatment and Plating departments carry out work for the other departments as well as for external customers.
The new management wishes to exploit new markets, and to do this it requires to gain accreditation to ISO 9001.

Report content and structure
Learning Outcome 2 of this Unit requires you to be able to explain the stages to be in the process of achieving ISO 9001.
Your report should therefore show that you can do this, by explaining the steps that Bronze Age plc must follow to gain accreditation to ISO 9001.

Title page (incl summary of up to 50 words)
The report title should be reflective of its content. The title page should also include details of the author, the date and often a short summary (of up to 50 words) informing the reader of the general content.

Contents page
Larger reports benefit from a contents page which would list the main report sections and page numbers (page numbers should be as footers on the document). If Heading styles are in a Word document to indicate the different sections.

Introduction (100 – 150 words)
The introduction of a report should introduce the purpose of the report, not the work you carried out. So your introduction should start with something like ‘This report covers …’, then should go on to briefly discuss the background and key aims of the
case study.