The SSCI 1000U paper assignment topics discussion

This is a paper that is focusing on the SSCI 1000U paper assignment topics discussion. The paper also provides two topics to discuss in writing the assignment paper.

The SSCI 1000U paper assignment topics discussion


The Assignment: Students submit ONE 5 page paper, double-spaced. All papers should be in Times New Roman 12pt, with standard default margins.
Page count DOES NOT include cover page or bibliography

Value: The paper is worth 40% of the total course mark

The Topic: You may choose to write either on Topic #1 or Topic #2 (you may not write on both topics):

Topic #1: Most economists and politicians agree that a large government-fund economic revitalization plan is need for the world’s economies to recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic. Some, such as Rhiana Gunn-Wright, have argued that this stimulus should take the form of a Green New Deal. What is a Green New Deal? Do some research on the topic. Does your research suggest that a Green New Deal should be pursue immediately as part of the Covid-19 recovery plan.

Topic #2: In the spring and summer of 2020, dramatic social unrest emerged around the topic of racism. What evidence is there that people of colour are disadvantaged? Given the evidence, should changes be made in the world? If yes, what changes should be made?

Type of Paper: This is a research paper, not an opinion essay. The purpose is to give you experience in writing and researching a sociological paper. Your job is to display the available evidence, cite it properly, and make your conclusions based on that evidence. It must have a clear thesis statement in the introduction.

The SSCI 1000U paper assignment topics discussion

Submission: Students will submit all papers electronically via the Assignments section in Canvas which will automatically submit to TurnItIn (without need of a password)

Feedback: A link to your marked grading rubric with comments will appear in the Paper section once your mark has been released. It will be in the bottom, right-hand side, and will be a file with your name on it.