The software development technology general discussion

This is a paper that focuses on the software development technology general discussion. The paper also provides further discussions on the writing of the assignment paper.

The software development technology general discussion

“Mini Research Paper”

1. Pick a topic of your choice in software, software development, or in technology in general. Make sure to email me your topic so I have an idea of what your paper will be about. You can choose a topic from the list provided (see below) or you can choose your own topic. The topics may seem too general or broad. When you write your paper, you can choose to focus on an aspect of that topic. How you present the topic is up to you, but be sure to back up your statements with the appropriate citation(s).
– Example: Someone may choose to write about SDLC while another person may just choose to write about Agile. The person writing about SDLC may talk about the process, methodologies, and/or models that include Agile, Waterfall, etc.. Whereas, a person just writing about Agile, may be more specific about Agile and just briefly talk about SDLC.
So it is really up to you how you want to write the paper.

2. In your paper, be sure to:
Address the topic of your interest and why you chose it
The relevance it has
The benefits of that particular topic and practical applications in real world
Pros and/cons
Further or additional research that can be done on the topic.

3. If you decide to add diagrams (graphs/charts), please be sure to explain the results/diagram or explain what the diagram means. There is no limit to the number of diagrams, but remember this is a paper, so it should not be 3 pages of diagram and one page citing the diagram. Also the diagrams should go in context to whatever you are claiming.