The social behaviour research relating topic project

This is a paper that is focusing on the social behaviour research relating topic project. The paper also provides the report questions to use in writing the assignment paper.

The social behaviour research relating topic project

Description: You will propose a research topic related to social behaviour*. Then, using insights from the course, you will describe how you would do the research if you were going to undertake the project. (You are not actually going to conduct the research.)
*Choosing a topic related to social behaviour means that you must investigate something that is relevant to a group of people with something in common such as social location (e.g. gender, race, ability, sexuality, class, national culture, religion, etc.), hobby or lifestyle (e.g. gamers, cosplayers, burners, people with tattoos, people who do yoga, etc.], or some other commonality. You might already have an idea related to your current job, your future career, or your personal interests. If not, see p.3 for brainstorming help.

Report Questions
For your report, answer the following questions in numbered sequence. Answer each question separately with full sentences (not point form, not essay format). Include module and textbook material (especially Modules 3 and 4, textbook Chapter 2) as much as possible in your answers. Cite your sources when you do (see next page).
1.      Firstly, what is your research topic? (Do not use any of the example topics in this document or from the textbook. Do not use any topics from previous sociology classes such as “washing hands after using the bathroom” or “holding the door open for others”). State your topic in one or two sentences. Topic must be sociological and also apply to a group of people and/or explore a social trend.

2.      What is your hypothesis? (State hypothesis in one sentence with only two variables. Should be objectively stated as a prediction of what you would find in your research, not as a suggestion/opinion.)
e.g. ✓ Men are bigger tippers than women in Toronto.
X   Women should tip more.

3.      What are your dependent and independent variables?

The social behaviour research relating topic project

4.      What is the operational definition for your dependent variable?

5.      What one or two research method(s) would you use if you had the time and resources to undertake the research? (Choose from: structured interviews, questionnaires, participant observation, qualitative interviews, secondary analysis, written documents and A/V materials, or unobtrusive measures). Make sure that you are able to use your operational definition in at least one of these methods (that’s the point of the operational definition). Name each method and then describe how you would use it to show that you understand what the method entails. (e.g. If you want to use participant observation, say how you would conduct the observation and what it would consist of. Also, if you want to use surveys, say which kind and what kinds of questions you would ask. If you want to use secondary analysis, or written documents and A/V materials, which sources/documents/materials would you use exactly?)

6.      Describe why you chose this/these research method(s) over the other methods. Use module and textbook material as much as possible and cite your sources when you do*.

7.      Is what you described in #6 quantitative or qualitative research (or both)? Why do you say that? Describe what defines quantitative vs. qualitative research and how your project is one or the other (or both). Again use module and textbook material as much as possible and cite your sources when you do.

8.      List any and all ethical issues associated with your project (see textbook p.38-41 and Module 4). How would you make sure to follow ALL ethical guidelines in your research?