The significant risks for Nicole in the 48 hours of surgery

This is a paper that is focusing on the significant risks for Nicole in the 48 hours of surgery. The paper also provides further instructions to use in submitting the assignment paper.

The significant risks for Nicole in the 48 hours of surgery

You have recently commenced your graduate year on an adult surgical unit. You are caring for Nicole, a 23 year old woman who has recently returned from theatre following a laproscopic appendectomy. Also, you have previously cared for patients in the immediate postoperative period, however you have not previously cared for a patient post appendectomy. You assess Nicole at the beginning of your shift and Nicole explains that she is not sure how long she will be in hospital or what her nursing or medical care will involve.

Task: Drawing on the above scenario, respond to the following prompts:
Q1. Firstly, identify three or more significant risks for Nicole in the first 48 hours after her surgery.
Q2. Secondly, what sources of research evidence could be used to guide Nicole’s care?
Q3. Thirdly, how might involving Nicole in her care impact on quality and safety?
Q4. Fourthly, how would the concept of scope of practice be applied in this situation?
Q5. Lastly, how could the unit’s culture or leadership influence the quality and safety of Nicole’s care?

This task needs to be written in third person and each response must be supported with professional literature. This may include peer-reviewed journals as well as professional websites or texts.

Presentation requirements:
12-point type size. Times or Times New Roman.
Double-line spacing (Do not insert extra lines between paragraphs or the references list entries.)

Page numbers
Page numbers to be provided on all pages except front page. Place page number in the top right hand corner
2.54 cm at the top, bottom, left-hand, and also right-hand sides of the page.

Paragraph indents
Indent the first line of each paragraph (using the tab key or paragraph tool).
Exceptions: abstract, block quotations, titles and headings, table titles and also notes (consult with APA 6 style manual for specific detail).