The reflective journal conducting and writing analysis

This is a paper that focuses on the reflective journal conducting and writing analysis. The paper also describes the processes of keeping records in your reflective journal.

The reflective journal conducting and writing analysis

The reflective journal is an important component of your investigative project, whether you are conducting a critical synthesis of the literature, or you are investigating your real-world educational context. It will contain evidence of your investigative processes, decisions, ethical considerations and approaches to problem solving.  In essence, it is a ‘backstage’ glimpse at your experiences and observations as you conduct your investigation.

Your reflective journal is where you will keep records of the processes you go through over the course of your investigation, from the implementation of the project to the analysis and drawing inferences. In this journal you will record:
 Avenues of enquiry (for example if you are conducting a literature search: Which search terms did you use?  Which search engines? How did you conduct your searches? If you are taking a design thinking or reflective classroom practice approach: What processes have you gone through? How have you collected your information and why did you do it this way?
What analytical processes have you used? What do the results mean for your context? Etc.)
· Problems or issues you encounter and brainstorms of possible solutions and ethical considerations, linking your ideas to theory and literature where appropriate
· Critical reflections on the investigative process, aligning your reflections with theory and literature.

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Reflective journals are important because they are a form of evidence in relation to your ethical conduct and the investigative processes you implement. They are also a record that you can look back on and use as you write your report.

Lastly, ensure you include all the references that you will use in the assignment. Additionally, cite all the references as well in the document.