The proposed strategy of education in Malaysia Higher Education

This is an essay that is focusing on the proposed strategy of education in Malaysia Higher Education. The strategy is basically focusing on the equipment of skills and knowledge to the students.

The proposed strategy of education in Malaysia Higher Education

Essay Writing
In this essay you are required to focus keenly on the Future ready curriculum that was produced by the Malaysian Higher Education.

Malaysia Higher Education has released Future Ready Curriculum to gear towards producing future proof student. In another angle Klaus Schwab in his keynote during World Economic Forum (WEF) 2016 had given an overview of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) that change the landscape of information technology into digitalization technology era. Hence, as we are marching into the IR 4.0 phase, the roles of educators need to be positioned from Teacher Centered to Student Centered learning. Malaysia

Write a 5 pages essay
a)      expressing your critical opinion on how to equip the new skills and knowledge in the aspect of education in this era of IR 4.0 to embrace the new landscape of education in Malaysia Higher Education. Please also suggest new and creative teaching strategies and technique that will enhance and empower students’ learning. (20 Marks)

b)     Implementing Blending Learning faced an obstacles or constraints Please debate on these issues. Also, propose a strategic idea towards solving problems in conducting Blended Learning. Please consider to mix and blend the Web 2.0 teaching tools, augmented reality, mobile learning etcetera that will later strengthen and construct students’ new knowledge. (30 Marks)

Below are the writing guidelines that are to be in the essay paper.
–  In writing the essay, please use the APA References and include at least three sources. The sources should be clearly and properly done using the APA formatting and citation guidelines.

– Use the Arial Font and the font should be Size 12.

–  The overall spacing guideline for the whole essay should be 1.5.