The problem-solving and conflict management for Carol Evans

This is a paper that is focusing on the problem-solving and conflict management for Carol Evans. The paper also provide two project descriptions to analyze in the assignment paper.

The problem-solving and conflict management for Carol Evans

Problem-Solving and Conflict Management
Description Project 1

For Milestone Three: Problem-Solving and Conflict Management, you will submit a short paper or presentation. As you analyze Carol Evans, CEO, Working Mother Media, leader’s problem-solving skills, highlighting the tools, methods, and strategies he or she used. Also, explain which of the tools, methods, and strategies you would use/emulate and which you would avoid. Share what knowledge, skills, and abilities related to conflict management and negotiation you possess. Additionally, analyze your leader’s knowledge, skills, and abilities related to conflict management and negotiation. Explain at least two of the techniques you would use/emulate and how they would help you. In the paper, use personal reflection information of your experiential knowledge on these topics along with the research on your chosen leader and concepts and theory information from the text.

Be sure to explain Carol Evans, CEO, Working Mother Media use of appropriate tools, methods, and strategies for organizational problem-solving and decision-making. Use evidence to classify conflict management styles. Then, select the most appropriate conflict management approach for effectively communicating and resolving organizational behavioral disputes. Identify and list leadership problem-solving skills, abilities, and knowledge to demonstrate effective communication and conflict resolution techniques that enhance organizational culture.

The problem-solving and conflict management for Carol Evans

2 pages Project Two

This milestone establishes a system to evaluate the ongoing success of a product or service as the marketplace and company dynamics evolve. This involves establishing measurable criteria of specific activities and mechanisms to assess current systems and branding efforts. As well as provide feedback to the proper departments and individuals so that needed changes can be implemented. This relates to the final project because it is a means to ensure the mission of the organization is continually pursued and that product or service offerings are both aligned with the mission and provide customer value. The mechanism enables the planning process to maintain its dynamic nature while staying on the course to follow the mission of the organization. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: Refinement.

Using the idea that you have chosen for Amazon, write a short paper covering the following:

How and when will you evaluate the success of the new product or service and its branding? Be sure to suggest processes that occur at regular intervals and extend across the business. Explain how results will impact decisions on whether to continue or to initiate exit strategies. What regular, business-wide feedback loops and processes will you implement to support the new idea. Keep it on track, and make mid-course corrections as needed? For example, will you adjust business functions and/or facilitate regular communication across departments? How will you collect relevant information and ensure its accuracy? How will you identify and integrate other factors that might affect implementation of the new idea into your business decisions and planning? In other words, what other things do you need to consider when moving forward? 8 pages