The power duties and accountabilities arising from legislation

This is an assignment that focuses on the power duties and accountabilities arising from legislation. The paper also provides guidelines in writing the report.

The power duties and accountabilities arising from legislation

Power duties and accountabilities
For part one it is a one thousand word case summary Report. Attached is an examplar to follow. please change the details and case background to avoid and information to avoid plagirism. Please twit the case study tyo suit young adult Folow this format below on the case summary report. About the author Details about the agency Details of service user Sources of information Case background Presenting concerns Summary of Risk…..This has to be in bullet points Identified strenght Current intervention and future planning Signature:

The Student social worker. Please you are to meet the 5 learning outcomes. I also want the part one of 1000 words to be done first and sent to me before we continue the remaining 4000 words if i am satified with your work. Then part two of the essay can be done to meet the five learning outcomes. This essay as to be like the examplar demostrating critical essay writting skills 40 references to be used to show knowledge. Additionally, this should be show in the list of reference at the end of the essay.


At least there be an intext reference for every four lines as you go along showing undersatnding and knowledge of the task Title, type assessment: The assessment task involves a Written Assignment (5000 words in total) consisting of Part 1 Case Summary Report and Part 2 Academic Essay. Assessment information:

Part 1 ‘Firstly, select a case or service user group from your current placement. From where there is a statutory duty relating to children or vulnerable adults. Then, prepare a ‘Case Summary Report’ which should include a brief case history and a summary of ‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍current needs, concerns and interventions (1000 words). Part 2 Using the case study or service user group set out in Part 1

Secondly, critically reflect and explore the social work powers, duties and accountabilities arising from legislation, policy and practices relevant to your chosen case study (4000 words). This essay must include: A detailed analysis of one area of service delivery giving examples of relevant case law and/or policy initiatives in this area. Prioritisation of issues of safeguarding and risk. Detail of multi-agency practices and quality assurance processes. Practical and ethical dilemmas arising from this case and from wider debate regarding this area of social work. Knowledge and understanding learning outcomes:


1. Firstly, demonstrate an applied and detailed knowledge of the powers duties, processes and accountabilities. It should be inherent within the practice of social work, with reference to one area of service delivery. Intellectual, practical, effective and transferable skills learning outcomes: 2. Evidence initial and personal responsibility to prioritise duties relating to the safeguarding of children and/or other vulnerable service user groups. 3. Thirdly, analyse the impact and interplay of responsibilities arising from multi-agency practices and quality assurance mechanisms

4. Fourthly, demonstrate effective communication through report writing and/or the delivery of professional evidence 5. Lastly, examine the ethical and practical dilemmas experienced by social work professionals. This is when carrying out statutory duties, enforcing the lay and implementing policy initiatives. (-with specific reference to issues of power, oppression, inequality, protection of the vulnerable, and the distribution of limited reso‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍urces.)