The Politics of Enduring Environmental Racism Midterm Prompts

Global Environmental Issues: The Politics of Enduring Environmental Racism Midterm Prompts 

Global Environmental Issues: The Politics of Enduring Environmental Racism Midterm Prompts 1. Write your own land recognition. This can be of the UCI campus, where you were born, where you grew up, a place that is simply special to you, or even the whole planet (which basically covers all of these aforementioned places). You might even write a land recognition for a place that you wish existed – Wakanda, Never Never Land, SpongeBob’s underwater reef… or a place that you make up, entirely of your own creation. The idea is to consider the relationship that you have to the land upon which you sit, sleep, walk, and breathe. Minimum: 250 words (10 points) 2. Drawing from Eve Tuck’s definitions of “damage-based” and “desire-based” research, as discussed in class (see class PowerPoints and Discussion posts), what is an issue, or what are issues (people or places) that you would want to represent differently than current or previous mass media or academic scholars have? Minimum: 250 words (10 points) This next question is for those of you planning to do a final project. You will choose to answer either 3a or 3b. 3a. What is your final project? Write a description for your final project. Minimum: 350 words (10 points), following these guidelines: Why is it an example of environmental racism? How do you plan to engage the analytic of “slow violence” (Nixon) into your project? Your final project prompt asks you to consider the histories behind your example as well as how structural or systemic racism configures the current situation. Where will you start this story and highlight the “danger of a single story” (Adichie)? Cite 5 sources that you will engage, at least 2 must be from class (but all of them can be from class). Outside sources are welcome and you are not limited to the syllabus. This is your opportunity to highlight the arenas in which you find the most interesting. For those of you not planning on doing a final project and will take the final exam, please answer 3b: What is the most, or among the most disturbing or compelling examples of “slow violence” (Nixon) that you wish to highlight? Cite at least two passages from the reading. Minimum: 350 words (10 points) Grade Point Characteristics of the answer A range (A to A-) (30-28pts) * Highly specific examples and clearly expressed ideas. * Addressed directly and completely the assignment questions * Demonstrated an integrated understanding of the assignment by engaging with the film/texts/arguments/class discussions. * Showed a carefully focused, detailed, creative understanding of the course content with correctly cited passages/film moments. B range (B+, B, B) (27-25 pts) *General examples referencing the midterm questions, but without specific examples or rushed writing. *Addressed the specifics of the assignment, but also wandered off around other related, but not directly relevant, ideas and examples. * Some relevance or illustrative responses, but not entirely focused on the questions asked. C (24-22pts) * Very vague descriptions. No citations. * No real connection to course content. * A basic attempt. * Not clear any attention was paid to class or assigned material