The Pay secrecy to winners in lottery situations in Killeen

This is an assignment that focuses on the Pay secrecy to winners in lottery situations. The paper also focuses on the Killeen, TX area.

The Pay secrecy to winners in lottery situations

Discussion #4: Pay Secrecy

1. Firstly, you have just won a lottery. The prize amount is 1 million dollars (after tax). After some consideration, you have decided to quit your current job and start a business in Killeen, TX. Answer the following questions.
1) Secondly, what business will you start in Killeen, TX?
2) Thirdly, why do you think the business will be successful in Killeen, TX?
3) Then, how many employees do you think you’ll initially need for the business?
4) Now, you’ll have to decide how to pay your employees. But, for now, let’s not think about other things related to how. Let’s just discuss the issue of pay secrecy.

Which of the following pay policy will you have in place? Pay secrecy policy or open pay policy? Justify your choice.
Note 1. Under the pay secrecy policy, employees will not know how much other employees make. You (owner and the CEO) will be the only person that knows how much your employees make. Under the open pay policy, on the other hand, all the employees in your company will know what other employees make.
Note 2. Your answers to Questions 1), 2) and 3) should be short (less than half of the total initial post). Your answer to Question 4) should be long (more than half of the total initial post).

Submission requirements:

The paper should be at least three pages long and in APA format. The guidelines of writing include: Times New Roman, 12 size font, Double space. Ensure that you include references in the assignment as a different page from the rest. All sources used for information in the assignment should be cited. The APA formatting and citation guidelines are the requirements for the  sources.