The Patriot movie characters scenes and principles analysis

This is a paper that is focusing on the Patriot movie characters scenes and principles analysis. The paper also provides additional instructions to use in this assignment.

The Patriot movie characters scenes and principles analysis

Watch the two videos and complete the assignment below.
In this scene, the legislature is considering a vote regarding a levy to pay the American army to fight the British.  In essence, before the colonies declared their independence as a whole, each state was voting on whether or not join the “Rebellion.”  Benjamin Martin (played by Mel Gibson), a hero of the French and Indian War and someone whom everyone respects, gives the reasoning for his vote.  Pay attention to all the speeches in this short clip.  Does any of it sound familiar?


In this scene, Gabriel (played by Heath Ledger) has just entered town, where he is confronted by corpses hanging from a tree – a warning to those who would help in the fight against the British.  The townspeople are gathered at the local church and are challenged by a young woman to stop talking – and start acting on their beliefs.
(If you choose to watch the remainder of the movie, pay attention to phrases that include “principles.”  Or the scene where one man asks another, “What would you do with freedom?”  And near the end of the movie, ask yourself – do the ends justify the means?)

For this Assignment:
Create an essay of at least 5 paragraphs (1) Firstly, summarize the two scenes (separately) (10 points)
(2) Secondly, as you watch these two scenes, pay attention to the idea of “principles” as it relates to freedom. Answer: What role do you think “principles” played in each of the scenes? (15 points)
(3) Thirdly, compare espousing principles/ideals to actually acting upon them. (10 points)
(4) Answer: Fourthly, what beliefs/principles/ideals are you willing to act upon – and how? What would you be willing to risk to act upon those beliefs/principles/ideals? (10 points)
(5) Lastly, include an introduction (2.5 points) and a conclusion (2.5 points)