The organization’s digital presence analysis and evaluation

This is a paper that focuses on the organization’s digital presence analysis and evaluation. The paper also requires comparison with digital metrics.

The organization’s digital presence analysis and evaluation

The individual report will be weighted 70% of your overall module grade and will have a word count of  2,500 words.
What are you required to do for your individual report?
First, pick ONE online company from the following sectors:
Hotels(UK) free choose one
Restaurants(UK) free choose one

Second, your manager of the chosen organisation has asked you to compile a report
Investigating opportunities using a digital approach to marketing your products and services.
This will involve investigating the digital opportunities, digital tools, and hardware, and software, digital Marketing channels currently used. You are to recommend how other e-tools could be used in the future, taking into account legal constraints. Your manager has asked that you specifically address the
Following key areas.

Individual report

You must reference sources used in the body of your answer. You MUST use the      Harvard method.
Please make every effort to reference all sources of material correctly in both text and reference page of your work.
A brief background of the organisation, products & services, customers in terms of digital presence in Hardware platforms desktops, laptops, mobiles, Notebooks Tablets Software ,Web pages, Micro sites, Apps, Blogs, Social, networking (250words).

Applying the 6Cs and 5S (250words).
Firstly, an analysis and evaluation of the organisation’s digital presence and how they compare to competitors with supporting digital metrics with Evidence& Source (250words).
Secondly, an analysis and evaluation of the organisation’s digital presence & e tools in relation to traffic generation, site visitor act and conversion and visitor engagement.  In your evaluation & analysis critically evaluate & analyse the applied RACE frame work   with particular attention to customer/user experience of the organisations digital presence, Must support discussion to support analysis and also evaluation of the organisations tools & marketing channels. Must use the minimum of  2 from list; Affiliate & Partner marketing ,On line advertising ,On line PR, Site design  & landing page, Content Marketing ,Email, Mobile , and Social Media  Marketing  with Evidence & Source (250words).

In your analysis and evaluation, consider the suitability of the organisation’s multichannel marketing approach in enhancing customer/ user experience with Evidence & Source (250words).