The notion of witchcraft explains unfortunate events

Evans-Pritchard, E. E, (1937) Witchcraft oracles and magic among the azande, Oxford: Oxford University Press


QATI: Quotation: 1-3 sentences from the text that capture its main argument (from the original text in the article) Argument: Summarise in a paragraph sentences the texts argument(s) in your own words. Textual connection: Connect the argument of the text with one from another text in the list.

Discuss how it contrasts with, confirms, expands on, or clarifies the argument or points made in the first text. Implications: Comment on the implications of the first text’s argument for our understanding and interpretation of the archaeological and anthropological record, the material culture and social interaction of past groups. No additional sources needed, the examples of QATI is attached below. One of the articles is attached below as well, another one is :