The MRKT 310 Principles of marketing week on IMC

This is an assignment that focuses on the MRKT 310 Principles of marketing week on IMC. The paper assessment also assess the ability to relate IMC concepts.

The MRKT 310 Principles of marketing week on IMC

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M‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍RKT 310 Principles of Marketing Week 8 Writing Assignment Part 1

Integrated Marketing Communications, and the Changing Media Landscape Learning Outcomes Integrated Marketing Communications. The student understands how integrated marketing communications can add value for customers. Marketing communications objectives. Students can develop marketing communications objectives using the AIDA framework. Promotion mix. Student can select the appropriate promotion tool to be used for different marketing communications objectives.

Media strategy

Firstly, student can design a simple message and media plan for a product or service offering. Directions. This assignment assesses your ability to relate integrated marketing communications concepts to your product or service offering and the target market you selected. Secondly, you will let your creative side shine as you think through how you would design the marketing communications for your product or service to effectively and efficiently communicate a clear, consistent and compelling message to your target market over the next year. However, the course content does not cover IMC in great detail and you may want to refer to some open source references for more information on message design. A good one is:

Thirdly, prepare your assignment beginning with a title page with your name and the name of your product or service. Then answer each of the following eight questions (four in part 1 and four in part 2) in order and number the beginning of your response to each question. Although you do not need to repeat the question, headings should separate the sections. Lastly, the paper should contain a minimum of 5+ pages of analysis for the responses to the eight questions.
Integrated Marketing Communications.

Considering your new target market and any modifications, new product line extensions or new products. You may also have developed to serve the new target market needs, create your ‘Big Idea to be the basis of the message strategy for all your marketing communications. Marketing communications objectives. Write at least three marketing communications objectives using the AIDA framework discussed in the course content. Promotion mix. For each of the three marketing communications objectives written in number 2, discuss which of the promotion tools would be the best choice to reach each of the three marketing communications objective.