The modern architecture and designs by Sir Edwin Landseer

This is an assignment that focuses on the modern architecture and designs by Sir Edwin Landseer. The paper discusses how the designs fit into the larger context of modernism.

The modern architecture and designs by Sir Edwin Landseer

Writing Assignment for Modern Architecture and Design II

For this semester’s research and writing assignment I would like you find a building. The English designer Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens that you admire (pronounced LUTCH-ens). This is an individual who I touched on only briefly in class and is someone I would like you to be more familiar with. To start with, make sure you choose a building you like.  I would say ‘love’ instead of ‘like’ but I know some of you do not necessarily care for the work of his period.  But, even if you are not a fan of his work, you – as a designer – can always find something in his body of extraordinary work to admire.  The building does not need to still exist.

The goal of this research paper is to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the building, describe it and then discuss how it fits into the larger context of Modernism. Here are some things the paper must contain: • Images and drawings of the building including: a plan, sourced from your research, of at least the main floor; at least one elevation (preferably drawn by the designer) and preferably more; one original drawing by you of a selected interior view or exterior view based on a photograph; as many additional images of the building as are useful in your discussion. If the building you choose has no plan or elevation available, find another that does.

This is not optional. • Who the building was designed for, information about that client and the building’s present status. • Date of its creation. • A description of the building’s main materials. • Information about Lutyens.   You will note, I have asked you to prepare a drawing of the building or part of it.  The reason for this is that by examining, looking and then drawing you become more familiar with your subject in a way that brings you closer to its creator.   You may choose to focus in on a particular aspect of the building that you want to emphasize or learn more about – an entry, a roofscape.  This is a research paper.  You are to read what others have had to say about this subject building and about the designer’s place in the pantheon of English

The modern architecture and designs by Sir Edwin Landseer

Again, the goal here is to talk about how Lutyens’ work is part of Modernism or the road to Modernism.  The paper must also include the following: • An introductory paragraph.  This one single paragraph needs to state your topic and give some information about how you will approach it. I grade down papers that do not comply with this requirement. • A discussion of your designer’s biographical information.  It should not exceed half a page. Do not just copy this out of some source. Write your own synthesis of your research. • The body of the paper.  Be sure you cover when, where, how and what. Remember that you must provide citations for all facts presented.  Citations must be in MLA format.   • Illustrations, as many as you want, fully captioned and credited as to source.

Papers that use illustrations without this will grade down.  • A full concluding section, not just a pro-forma paragraph.  A concluding section should be more personal.  It might be more than one paragraph.  Also, it should be about what you might have learned writing this paper.  It should touch on how your perception of this building might have changed, or how your perception of this designer might have grown.  The final paragraph is not a summary of everything you just wrote.  It is the place for what you think about what you have researched.  It is a place for your opinion. • A bibliography with at least five sources for your research.