The military correspondence using CC6620REQE information

This is a paper that is focusing on the military correspondence using CC6620REQE information. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

The military correspondence using CC6620REQE information


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1. Firstly, read CC6620REQE for a description of the information paper, the format to use, and a sample paper. This is an individual assignment; collaboration is not permitted.

2. Secondly, use the Microsoft Word template provided (CC6620HW_Template.docx) to write an information paper that answers the below scenario. The subject of the paper must align with sustaining the transformation as described in MCTP 6-10A, which is provided as CC6620SUPE in the Supplemental Material folder of the lesson. The below two excerpts from CC6620SUPE briefly describe “sustaining the transformation” and also the purpose of MCTP 6-10A.

Scenario: Your immediate senior has tasked you to submit an information paper that describes the primary obstacle or obstacles that are impeding the unit’s efforts to sustain the transformation of its Marines and how you or the unit can reduce these obstacles. You must also provide a conclusion that reinforces your key points and provides an overall recommendation to sustain the transformation.

Excerpts from CC6620SUPE:
“Transformation, as Marines define it … begins with the prospective Marine’s first contact with the Marine recruiter and continues through the Marine’s entire life. It has five distinct phases: recruitment, recruit training, cohesion, sustainment, and also citizenship. Additionally, the transformation process [is] going from civilian life to a Marine and one day returning to civilian life changed as a Marine …”

“This publication [MCTP 6-10A] … provides more detail to leaders about how to take care of their Marines through the five phases of the transformation process. It is a leadership tool that provides sound examples and also methods for success. Sustaining a Marine through this process requires engaged leadership … Your dialogue and application will improve the welfare of all Marines and our institution.”