The mechanism of lateral articulation and two examples identification

This is a paper that focuses on the mechanism of lateral articulation and two examples identification. The paper also provides an assessment brief and information for the paper.

The mechanism of lateral articulation and two examples identification

Assessment task details and instructions
Answer all the following questions. The total number of marks available is 100. You should give examples to illustrate your answers wherever possible.

1. Firstly, identify a word with two examples of lateral articulations. Transcribe it in Standard South British English. Explain the mechanism of lateral articulation.  [5 marks]
2. Secondly, explain the three identifiable stages of the production of stops (plosives). Which stage is the only compulsory of stage of the production of a stop in connected speech? Lastly, what are the conditions in which one of the stages could be missing? [10 marks]

Assessment Information/Brief

3. Thirdly, when The Great British Bake Off was broadcast on the BBC, one of its judges, Mary Berry, was often the subject of impersonations which focussed on her pronunciation of the word ‘layer’. Watch some examples of this phenomenon here: Identify the phonetic process that Mary’s pronunciation illustrates and also explain how it occurs. [15 marks]
4.Fourthly, explain what you understand by the following terms. Additionally, write about 100 words for each response. [5 marks each = 25 marks]
a. Amplitude.
b. Speech gestures.
c. Velic closure.
d. Period.
e. VOT

5. Subsequently, write short notes explaining and exemplifying all of the following. You should write about 100 words for each. [5 marks each = 25 marks
a. Phoneme
b. Feature
c. [ATR]
d. Natural class
e. Coronal
6. Lastly, explain the syllabification of the word ‘classification’. Also, use your answer to explain what you know about all aspects of syllable theory, paying particular attention to the status of [s]. [20 marks]

Additionally, do not forget to include the references that you will use in writing this paper. Also, cite the references in the paper.