The MC5019 Consumer Insights and Research assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the MC5019 Consumer Insights and Research. The paper also provides additional requirements to use in writing the assignment paper.

The MC5019 Consumer Insights and Research

MC5019 Consumer Insights & Research
Word count 3,000  + – 10%

Students are required to define a research problem, design, develop and conduct primary research on the consumer issue and to prepare and present findings with appropriate managerial recommendations in a report.

This assessment addresses the following Learning outcomes:
Design & construct a market research report with the use of both primary and secondary data and be proficient in the use of various analytical techniques (statistical and interpretive) in evaluating the data
The assessment seeks to develop the following skills
Digital literacy and IT skills
Researching & analysing
Inter-personal/Inter-cultural communication
Application of knowledge and presenting data
Critical thinking
Academic writing

The MC5019 Consumer Insights and Research

And demonstrate the ability to-

Select and apply e-consumer/ consumer and buyer behaviour concepts and theories to practical marketing situations
Engage in the analysis of real world cases and current academic thinking in order  to investigate how e-consumer/consumer and buyer theory can explain and justify specific marketing strategies
Be able to differentiate, apply, and analyse theories, concepts, and research methods commonly used in exploring and understanding consumers and how market research is used as an aid in effective marketing management decision making.
Demonstrate knowledge and skills of planning, designing, implementing, analysing, and reporting a consumer research project.

You are team of consumer researchers, you are to write on  the following issue- The Ethical consumer. They wish to understand the factors influencing consumers in the possible purchase and consumption of products.

They have specifically requested that you address the following in your report –

Firstly, define and evaluate research objectives, based on a thorough understanding of the context of consumer issue/s

– Secondly, define and evaluate research objectives for given research problem/s

– Thirdly, design appropriate solutions to identified problems, based on a clear understanding of a range of research approaches and techniques.

–  Fourthly, select appropriate techniques for the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data necessary to inform effective decision-making

– Analyse and evaluate choices made at each stage in the process identify any limitations and devise appropriate strategies for overcoming those limitations

– Provide and justify recommendations to support the managerial decision making, based on a through understanding of the information gathered during the research process