The Los Angeles and the manipulation of nature essay

This is a paper that is focusing on the Los Angeles and the manipulation of nature. The paper also provides additional questions to use in writing the assignment paper in detail.

Los Angeles and the manipulation of nature


ESSAY QUESTION WEEK 3 (2.5 pages): This week’s essay will address the manipulation of non-human nature that has defined and will continue to define Los Angeles and Southern California as we move into the foreseeable future. I’d like you to discuss and explain the strained relationship Los Angeles has had with the natural world: non-human animal habitat, riparian landscapes, parkland, (floods and  fires), and also the general lack of attention paid to or the complete disregard of the native flora and fauna. Also explain where our SoCal/LA water comes from, its limitations and scarcity, how it makes it to us, and other challenges associated with future supply.

What are some of the past and contemporary debates regarding water usage in SoCal and Los Angeles? What efforts have been put forth to alleviate some of this “disrespect” for nature? You MUST use the readings from this week to help you with your response. You have a lot to work with. As stated in previous essay prompts, convince me that you’ve read carefully, minimize small details, focus on the key arguments, and avoid generalizing. Please, do not be vague! Now, get to work.

WRITE 2 paragraphs (separately) on the following: Of all the topics covered in this week’s readings, regarding the manipulation of nature, which one interests you the most? Is it the issue of water in Los Angeles, the challenge of providing more greenspace, habitat for the non-human, the L.A. River, urban food production, or something else? Why does this topic interest you? Why is it important? How do you think we should better address it? Lastly, how do you think we could better meet the challenge of this issue? Through policy? Through local and regional planning? Also, through activism? Explain – and be thorough.