The local county prosecutor rape advocacy assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the local county prosecutor rape advocacy assignment. The paper also provides a brief description of the case study to analyze for the assignment paper.

The local county prosecutor rape advocacy assignment

Prior to your college graduation, you have been working as the Victims Assistant Advocate for the office of the local county prosecutor. You have a great working relationship with the prosecutor, Mary, and the remainder of the office. Normally, when you speak, the staff and the prosecutor know that you are speaking from a knowledge base that have gained from personal experience, research, and reading, so they know that your comments are facts. You like to use APA format to cite your sources, but this bulleted paper does not need APA format.

You have decided to speak with the prosecutor, Mary, on behalf of Maureen, a college student who was a victim of date rape. Additionally, you want to convince Mary to support a change in the procsecutors policy of not procsecuting date rape cases when drugs or alcohol are involved. Mary has a strict policy; When someone wants to speak to her about changing an established policy. She wants the person to submit a paper of 3-5 pages containing topic bullets that outline his or her argument for the policy change prior to meeting her.

You follow her policy and write a paper using bullets only, hoping that you can persuade Mary and the chief prosecutor to change their policy or, at a minimum, meet with you for a discussion about changing the policy. Maureen knows that other young women are being date attacked and that often, date rape drugs are being used.

Mary has agreed to review your policy change letter if you write it. You write the policy change paper in which you have  the following goals;

Educate Mary about date rape using statistics and information about date rape and date rape drugs to show her that Maureen is one of the types of victims who perpetrators take advantage of in these situations.                                                                                  Explain why not prosecuting the cases is wrong public and social policy. (You are also hopeful that the victim, Maureen, also receives help in her case).

The local county prosecutor rape advocacy assignment

To organize your efforts before your meeting. Create a detailed outline where appropriate that contains information for the following 5 topics in 3-5 pages;

List crime statistics reported by Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR). Additionally, the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) relating to rape and the stengths and weaknesses of each type of reporting.

Define the term date rape (or acquaintance rape) , the terms are interchangeable. Also, how date rape is distinguish from stranger rape, statuatory rape, and spousal rape.

List the types and uses of date rape drugs.

Describe the victim-offender relationship, include the following;

How victims are a view by perpetrators of date rape

The special problems of date rape prosecutions

How society and jurors may view date rape. (e.g., blaming the victim based on the percieved precipitation, facilitation, or provocation of the victim)

What is your position on this issue, and what action do you think would impact this social policy?

Provide APA citations and references