The listener’s comments and views of an aspect of music

This is an assignment that focuses on the listener’s comments and views of an aspect of music. The paper discusses the various types of musical backgrounds.

The listener’s comments and views of an aspect of music


Firstly, the length should be about  2  1/2 pages; Font size: 12 pt. Secondly, the Font should be Times New Roman. Thirdly, the margins: 1″ on all sides.  Then, spacing: Double-spaced. Do not mix fonts in your paper. Also, do not write headings. Lastly, do not waste space or use “filler”. Avoid repeating long titles or sentence fragments unnecessarily (avoid empty space filler).

IMPORTANT: IDENTIFY your paper: Firstly, on your paper’s first page, in the upper left, write your name, date, etc. on one line. Example: Robyn Minnert  #5 Assign. Mus 309,  3/12/20   (USE ONE LINE). DO NOT “space-cheat” by unnecessarily skipping lines. The “space-cheat” lowers the paper grade, e.g. B+ becomes B-. Please include your NAME on additional pages: e.g. R. Minnert Label attachments with Your NAME, Assign. #5 . WORD COUNT: A 2-pp length paper is approximately 700 word-count. A 2.5pp paper is a bit longer.  But don’t obsessively “bean-count” words. Your paper’s written content is the important focus. Spend time on re-reading your writing and revising. DO NOT COPY or PASTE blocks of text from Wikipedia (or other source) into your paper (plagiarism). Additionally, referring to the works of others in your text needs a citation.

Also, numerous exact quotes are not as important as using your own words (paraphrasing).

Words are thinking-tools. Freestyle: non-linear thinking and jotting down words
spontaneously produces an assortment of words to use as a base in forming ideas. Later, select from your words assortment and then linearly assemble your sentences.   Subsequently, be inquisitive: ask questions as you experience music, art, images and read information. Ask questions about what you’ve written. Is your writing interesting and convincing to you as a reader? If not, try a few changes. Reread. Revise. Repeat the process.

The listener’s comments and views of an aspect of music

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Firstly, what are your impressions, interpretations?
Secondly, please give your comments as a listener and viewer on any aspects you observe of the music, the ballet’s aesthetic origins/background, dance, gestures, scenery, costumes, dramatic sections, organization of materials, energy levels, rhythm, contrasts, use of registers and instruments, intensities or moods, effect of dissonance, effect of the simple melodies, complex chords, how the composer expresses a sense of “wildness” or primitivism, etc. Thirdly, does the music emphasize rhythm or melody or both? What is emphasized? Are the gestures in music, dance performance smooth/jagged/aggressive/mellow or…”. Lastly, how does the dance try to portray the pagan rites idea? Why would some audiences feel this music and dancing is uncouth or crude? Why is it NOT like typical ballet? Comparison: how are you affected/what do you notice when watching the Joffrey ballet company’s interpretive performance and the Bejart Ballet?
BACKGROUND RESEARCH, cultural context for your paper writing: