The Kotter’s steps coverage in regards to an organization

This is a paper that discusses the Kotter’s steps coverage in regards to an organization. The paper covers both the first and last steps involved in the topic.

The Kotter’s steps coverage in regards to an organization

Cover Kotter’s first 4 steps:

Firstly, establish a sense of urgency for the executives or managers with the decision-making power over this change. Who are these executives or managers? Give titles and roles.
Create a guiding coalition (who do you need on your side and why them?) Consider people with both formal and informal power
Develop a compelling change vision that will inspire people and get everyone on the same page as they see the way forward. What should the situation look like once the change has been implemented? Be specific.
Determine how the vision will be communicated (via email? meetings? company portal?), to whom, by whom, and how often.  (150 points)

Cover Kotter’s last 4 steps and add a brief timeline that includes each of the 8 steps in your change.

Secondly, describe possible barriers to the change, how they should be removed, who should be empowered for action and what that would entail. Here you must include resisters: who are they likely to be, why will they resist, and what can you do about it?
Describe how short term wins could be generated and how often these need to be generated and communicated to keep people positive.
How will long term gains will be recorded, communicated, and evaluated?
How can and should your change be anchored in the culture of your organization?

Lastly, conclude your paper by tying your 8 steps together in a meaningful paragraph.
Create a brief bulleted timeline after your conclusion: When would each step of your change plan happen? Be realistic, but remember that change should not be drawn out unnecessarily. People want to see the results of the change quickly, but you also want to allow time for people to make adjustments. List each step and give an approximate timeframe (200 points)