The importance of Cultural Context.

 The GLOBE study compared to Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. International Human Resource Management: Concept/Issue Paper (20%): Prepare a concept paper. The purpose of this assignment is to develop an in-depth understanding of at least one of the key topics in international human resource management. The paper will indicate key concerns, issues and problems related to the topic to be examined in the paper. The following factors will be taken into account in the evaluation of the concept paper: (a) relevance and importance of the topic, (b) student’s understanding of issues, theories,and methodology, if any, (c) interpretation of the significance of the issues pertaining to the topic, and (d)ability to write clearly, marshal arguments, provide reasons, and present the paper professionally. A high degree of professionalism in all aspects. What is the Globe Study: Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness,” the name of a cross-cultural research effort that exceeds all others (including Geert Hofstede’s landmark 1980 study) in scope, depth, duration, and sophistication. It’s important to start off the paper with Hofstede’s dimensions because then came the Globe Study because Hofstede’s discrepancies and gaps. Paper format to be graded in the following manner: 1) The Issue 2) The analysis 3) The Structure of the paper done neatly and nice (Intro, references done right, organized and fluent. Things to follow as a sample: Table of Contents, Introduction, Analysis, Recommendations, Methodology, Conclusion, and References. References: Do not use many internet resources although it’s okay to have a few. Use articles, books and web resources that are published within the past 5 years for the 10-12 references. Use a good level of high-quality university valid resources, please. This is the book used for the course: Dowling, P.J., Marian Festing, and Allen D. Engle, Sr., International Human Resource Management (CengageLearning, 2017). Can be used as a great reference. Extras ordered: none Get OrderNeed more info